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  • Not Day 4… I want to fly again… :-(

    I stopped flying… and have simply never picked it back up again… something I’m going to have to remedy soon!

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  • Day 3 of Learning to Fly…

    It was both challenging and thrilling. I always do the pre-flight checks, Run-up etc… Then my instructor has me taxi to the north end of the runway and takes over and takes off – not today. I got to the end, turned around and he just said “let’s go, full power…” Oh crap… Before I […]

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  • Day 2 of Learning to Fly…

    Thought I would post up what a learned today… But I need to start with something that happened yesterday. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t able to fly much because of the low cloud ceiling and my instructor mentioned it was because of the dew-point.    hmmmm I thought to myself, I […]

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  • My first flying post…

    This is my first blog entry on learning to fly. Flying is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – I remember back when we lived on North County Line Road, I almost purchased a twin-engine Cessna… as if I had any business buying a twin-engine plane without ever having taken a single […]

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